Enterprise grade security

OpenConnect VPN server is designed for privacy, protecting the clients from accessing each others data using strict isolation and privilege separation. It secures the VPN channels using only standard protocols like TLS and Datagram TLS and prevents the leakage of cryptographic keys with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

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Ocserv is design to take advantage of the immense processing power available on public clouds and the features of low-power CPUs. Its performance serving clients scales linearly with number of CPUs and its compact memory footprint ensures that cheaper hosts can provide the necessary resources to handle thousands of clients.

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Enterprise authentication

The server’s authentication module can operate using a simple password file, to authentication methods that integrate with your organization’s setup, such as Radius, OpenID Connect, Kerberos, smart cards and combinations of them to enable two-factor authentication. It further enables you to obtain detailed accounting reports using Radius.

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Deploy ocserv

There are various deployment scenarios of ocserv ranging from letsencrypt integration to FreeIPA and Radius integration. Learn how to deploy ocserv at our how-to guide.

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Manage ocserv

Openconnect server provides a user management interface that allows you to query and monitor the server and its users. Access it interactive or get output in JSON format.

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Getting help

OpenConnect is a community project; get to know the community and ask for help.

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